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The process is quite simple, really. Just come check out Surf city Connection at two consecutive Lunch meetings as our guest. you are welcome to attend the initial meeting at no charge. If our group impresses you and you think you’d like to join, then let us know at your second meeting. We will then arrange for an inspector to meet you at your home or business for an interview.You will sit out your third meeting while we vote on whether to approve your business. You will then be informed of your membership status and allowed to attend the next meeting. Welcome aboard!
How to Join

Keep in mind that we are ONLY looking for quality members to join our group: people that we can send business and who are willing to do the same for us. Here are the 4 Questions technique that should allow you to invite anyone to a Surfcity Connection meeting: Are you getting enough business? Are you making enough money? Are you in town this coming Wednesday afternoon? Can I invite you to Lunch on me? You only get to questions 3 and 4 if their answers are “No” to the first two. Additional ideas include: How would you like to add 30 sales people to your company this week? Who are your referral sources (Power Partners)? We will actively help you by recruiting one of them for membership. Membership has a value of over $10,000 a year making it one of the best returns on investment for your time and money. We know this, it's up to us to effectively communicate this to potential new members.

Most Wanted Categories Any business can join the Business Surf City Connection business referral group, as long as the business category isn't already represented in the group.

We are especially looking for the following businesses to join our referral network: Insurance Agents, including Life Health & Disability, Auto and Home Insurance, Printers, Computer/IT Business Attorney Business Broker Business Consultant Carpet Cleaner Cleaning Service Commercial Real Estate Dentist Event Planner Floor/Window Coverings Florist Handyman Interior Designer Optometrist Painting Contractor Personal Trainer Travel Agent

Why Join Us ​You get to talk about your business at each meeting, giving you ample opportunity to “train” your new-found “sales force” about your products and/or services and the kind of referrals you are looking for. Qualified business referrals are given at each meeting, and often before the meetings via email or phone notification. It is common to see 50 referrals exchanged each week in this dynamic group. Members provide access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact. On a pre-determined schedule, you are able to display your products and/or services; then the next week you speak about your business, putting the spotlight on you and your business. Our group meets on a weekly basis and regular attendance of all members is required to keep the constant flow of business referrals. Meetings always begin and end on time so that you can confidently plan your work schedule. Many of the members of our referral network have been able to save the expense of maintaining a sales staff or advertising budget due to the consistent volume of business they receive from the group. The members of Surf City Connection welcome proactive, productive people who want to see results in their business growth.


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Benefits of Joining:
  • Network with Local Small Business Owners
  • Get Discounts on Professioanl Servicees and Products
  • Give andf Get New Business Referrals
  • Meet Great People in Huntington Beach and SoCal.

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